lundi 28 octobre 2013

Lettre d'amour triste en anglais

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Belles lettre d'amour triste en anglais :

Belles lettre d'amour triste en anglais

When everything stops, happiness disappears
When you know that it would do nothing
Not even the words of those to whom we wish
The little heart is a little off ...

The joy that file and flies
Shot by all these words
Longer want to love anything
I'm not really me ...

Lettre d'amour triste en anglais 1 :

The color of the sky pleases me more, tell me it will always change ... Tell me a star cached million, there always will be. I want snowflakes are magical, they are a bridge between our land and the infinity of heavenly layer ... Tell me paint features a meadow of white papers transform my drawing the door to another world ..

Lettre d'amour triste en anglais 2 :

Time passes
People change,
And during that time,
So many laughs,
So many tears exchanges.
The joy of friendship.
And some people
Come to take other paths.
More news!
But so many memories
That will remain etched forever!
And then there are those lasting friendships.

Lettre d'amour triste en anglais 3 :

Look me in the eyes, I'm not asking you to forgive me nor to understand, just listen to my heart cried. You know I love, you know how it's been a long time already. But as time passes, the more I realize that I am nothing to you, what you do is have fun. It hurts me so much ... But he was there. You see, when I was not well, he was there. It is mature, it is nice ...

Lettre d'amour triste en anglais 4 :

When love is sad
Taking the back,
there is more to life.
These are our bowels that ignite without smoking.
You want to cry,
to create safe,
to flee and wander into the unknown.
When love is sad
we follow our own thoughts,
we then wanders away from the labyrinth of solitude.
Changing plans and usually
We eat the earthquake and wood in anguish and anxiety.

Lettre d'amour triste en anglais 5 :

I'm sorry, but I liked it. It s'st apologized, I kissed my turn ... And more ... I felt so good ... I was free and protected at the same time ... I was happy ... Yes, we made a mistake ... But my heart, I know you will take it bad ... But just imagine the void that you never procures being there ... I know it's no excuse. But I'm bad for you now, and I can not blame me ... I'm sorry my love ..

Une lettre d'amour triste en anglais :

Une lettre d'amour triste en anglais

A small bird without wings
I'm like a bird without wings
I fly to the crowded skies of clouds,
which also prevents me from moving properly.
My little fragile wings
start to break down from the inside,
because you're not by my side!
I'd love to have a moment of your smiles,
so vivid and tender at the same time,
that would allow me to find the joy of yesteryear,
which lack both.

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