lundi 9 septembre 2013

Lettre d'amour i love you

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Jolies lettre d'amour i love you :

Jolies lettre d'amour i love you

Sweet and tender love, you sold my days.
Your words delightful perfume my greatest desires.
You trace my thoughts, joys and love.
Your suave voice, raises in me sighs.

My hands tremble when I feel your presence.
I come back to life, feel your heat.
You breathe the love, joy, innocence,
You’re child remained in all it’s guilelessness.

Lettre d'amour i love you 1 :

Lettre d'amour i love you 1

I know that distance is temporary … but still, I can’t get used to it. Anyway, you are my happiness and lay there day after day in my very heart. I think of you every minute and wanted to tell you about my feelings for you. I’d like you to know that you are the One and that I love you from the bottom of my heart. I am looking forward for us to be able to start (again) living together as soon as possible.With all my love

Lettre d'amour i love you 2 :

Lettre d'amour i love you 2

I still have feeling for you even though i tell people that I am over you. I still love you. I still miss you. Your voice still make my heart skip a beat. Your smile still take my breath away. You are still very important in my heart. I still think about you.

Lettre d'amour i love you 3 :

Lettre d'amour i love you 3

My every breath I breathe!
My heart beats for you and I find myself falling
asleep and waking up thinking of you.
The sun shines and the sky is blue.
The birds sing to the tune
Of my everlasting love for you.
I want you to know on this special day
And in doing so always remember forever,
Till the end of time that no matter when,
Or where each time you look around
And beyond or up in the blue sky above,
be it midnight or midday my love will always be there.
Each star you count, each song you sing.

Lettre d'amour i love you 4 :

Lettre d'amour i love you 4

Love with you. You are sweet, tender, beautiful and sensitive. I know deep down inside that you are not gotta love me back, yet i am scare of lossing you but afraid of being even more attract to you. Leslie, I want to hold you close, kiss your tender and warm lips. You are so important to me. Without you, my life is sad, dark, depressing and cold. You bring sunshine in my life, you cheer me up when i am sad and down. You are so gorgeous in my eyes.

Une lettre d'amour i love you :

Une lettre d'amour i love you

I love you and believe that you are truly the greatest person on this Earth. My family loves you and believes in us, and I love you and believe in us. Our dreams will come true darling. Even when times are rough, and we get very busy-we'll always make time for eachother because nothing can keep us apart.

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